This week’s issue has a little bit of something for everyone. Who doesn’t love a discussion on visualization design challenges and solutions? Now if you’ll excuse me I’m getting hungry for a chicken biscuit and tots. 🐄☕📈

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From The Community

Observability at the Edge

Having contracted some development work for Panera Bread years back, I shouldn’t be surprised to read that restaurants are increasingly using industry-standard observability tooling for their edge systems. Still, it’s a little unnerving to think that a Kubernetes cluster might get between me and my chicken sandwich with extra pickles.

Surfacing performance issues with effective visualization of profiling data

Excellent post from a Datadog engineer on the power of flame graphs and how they adapted them to address some known limitations.

Introducing Bifrost: An opinionated Observability Gateway

I enjoy reading how companies adopt bespoke observability tooling, but it’d be cool to get more details on the technical implementation and usability improvements.

A Spectrum of Actions

A three-part series from our friend J. Paul Reed on incident action items – how we capture, prioritize, learn from, and execute on them successfully.

What Is “Production-Grade” Software?

As an EM with a team of product developers, this one hits close to home. I expect most of the folks here are strong advocates of these principles, but it might be helpful to share this post with your peers.

Migrating Metrics from Prometheus to OpenTelemetry with no Telemetry Data Loss

Ok, let’s be honest… there’s a lot more to migrating your data from Prometheus to OpenTelemetry if you’re doing more than just basic collection on your laptop. But this article is a decent place to get started if that’s something you’re considering.

Tutorial: Modifying Grafana’s Source Code

I don’t expect many folks will ever actually need to hack on their Grafana internals, but this is still a pretty interesting story and reminds us of the power of true open source (*cough* HashiCorp *cough*).

Loki: Getting Started

A basic walkthrough for setting up Loki with Promtail and Grafana.

See you next week!

– Jason (@obfuscurity) Monitoring Weekly Editor