Glad to see more logging topics this week, along with some exporter guides and one-off articles. Enjoy! 🍩☕📈

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Tech Blog: Create Meaningful Logging

We take it for granted that engineers are born knowing how and what to log. This article reminded me that’s not the case, and does a good job covering the reasons we should log, along with examples for develoeprs to apply to their own applications.

How to Extract the Maximum Value From Logs

Now that you’ve got your developers emitting logs on the regular, what next? There’s a lot to stay on top of when managing log aggregation at scale, and this post does a good job listing off a bunch of the considerations.

Monitor an operator

Kubernetes and Prometheus make a powerful combination right out of the box, but sooner or later you’ll need to turn to custom metrics. This post gives you the basics to instrument your own bespoke metrics for Kubernetes operators.

Evaluating monitoring solutions; Prometheus, Thanos, Mimir, Victoria Metrics

A unique comparison (with graphs) of four popular time series backends. I’d love to see a more comprehensive review with detailed scaling benchmarks and configurations. I dunno, maybe something like this.

Traffic 101: Packets Mostly Flow

Although this isn’t a “monitoring story” per se, I couldn’t help but feel the sweats as I read through this Slack engineering post, thinking about all the ways things could go wrong and how I might tackle the observability challenges in a similar architecture. WWYD?

SRE Story with Sreenivas Devaki

I’ve really been enjoying these features on individual SRE contributors lately. This one probably sounds familiar to many of us who got into the space out of a love for systems and reliability.

Beyond Monitoring: OpenTelemetry’s Transformative Role in App Security and Insights

Many of us already understand the impact that OpenTelemetry is having on the observability landscape, but it has the potential to leave a large footprint in the security space as well.

Elevating Test Quality Through Observability

Most of this article is a review of monitoring and observability topics, but about halfway through it starts to apply these concepts to test pipelines and coverage. Might be a good one to share with your CI/CD peers with less experience in our domain.

Oracle Cloud Prometheus Exporter

If you’re running workloads in Oracle Cloud, this writeup can help you set up your own custom Prometheus exporter for OCI metrics.

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– Jason (@obfuscurity) Monitoring Weekly Editor