Great to see more hands-on technical guides and tools covered this week. And big news… Monitorama PDX 2024 has been announced – hope to see you there next year! 🙌🌉🔔

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Teams often start with open source tooling to keep costs down. However, those methods can be hard to scale as you grow. In this Buyer’s Guide, we break down key capabilities to consider if it’s time to change to a hosted or a managed observability SaaS offering.

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How to be on-call

I think we all deal with on-call so much we forget that not everyone is experience with it (or knows how to do it well). An excellent article looking at the spectrum of responsibilities and guardrails to ensure are in place to optimize you and your team’s on-call rotation.

Tail sampling: Improve your tracing platform with OpenTelemetry

A look at a different type of OTLP sampling with some example policies and tips for using it effectively.

VictoriaMetrics: A Comprehensive Guide, Comparing It to Prometheus, and Implementing Kubernetes Monitoring

Two time-series databases enter, one leaves. Kidding aside, a detailed comparison of VictoriaMetrics and Prometheus for Kubernetes monitoring.

[Editor’s Note: choosing a TSDB should almost always happen after a long burn-in period where you’ve had the opportunity to use each tool in anger. Standardizing on one without understanding its compromises (and they all have them) is a fool’s errand.]

Server, Client and Internal Middlewares with OpenTelemetry in Golang

An excellent collection of examples and patterns for adding OpenTelemetry middleware to Golang services. Props to the author for this article and the associated GitHub repo.

How Netflix’s Container Platform Connects Linux Kernel Panics to Kubernetes

This post from Netflix is more about Kubernetes debugging than actual monitoring, but it’s one of those skills that translates well (IME) when you need to develop new health check monitors.

Certi: Your Python-Based SSL Transparency Log Monitoring Tool

Introduction to a handy tool for monitoring your SSL certificate logs. This is probably more interesting to DevSecOps, but you might want to bookmark it just in case.

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Alerting is evolving. Signals is coming soon.

This winter from incident management platform FireHydrant: alerting and incident response in one ring-to-retro tool for the first time. Sign up for the early access waitlist and be the first to experience the power of alerting + incident response in one platform — at last. (SPONSORED)

Kubewatch: A Kubernetes Watcher for Observability and Monitoring

There are so many ways to glue together monitoring tools with communication services, but I still love small, sharp tools like this Kubewatch.

Revolutionizing Real-Time Streaming Processing: 4 Trillion Events Daily at LinkedIn

Although this is a broad look at how LinkedIn uses Apache Beam for a variety of uses, they touch on some of its strengths for notifications, specifically its aggregation and filtering capabilities.

Micrometer Tracing with Retrofit

A quick “heads-up” from an engineer who discovered their Retrofit traces weren’t getting propagated properly to Micrometer, and the fix they discovered from the community. This is a somewhat niche concern but I figured if it saves one person’s bacon today it’s worth including.



kubewatch is a Kubernetes watcher that publishes notification to available collaboration hubs/notification channels.


Certi is a python based SSL Transparency log monitoring tool that helps you keep tracking your issued certificates.


Monitorama 2024 PDX - Early Bird Tickets

I’m super excited to announce Monitorama is coming back for another year. The CFP will be opening soon, with a focus on production learnings and helping others. If you’ve never been to a Monitorama event, I encourage you to ask around… it’s a lot of fun with an emphasis on delivering a shared experience for all. Early Bird tickets are available now while they last!

See you next week!

– Jason (@obfuscurity) Monitoring Weekly Editor