Just got back in time from a multi-day 🚴‍♂️ tour to bring you this week’s issue. Fun to see some DIY themes, network monitoring, and Python and Rust-focused guides for observability. Enjoy! 🍻🐍🐧

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From The Community

Do you probe your network?

As someone who largely broke into the monitoring space through a love of TCP/IP networks and troubleshooting, this article sings to me. 💘

Monitoring Multiple Kubernetes Clusters with Prometheus Federation

How to configure a relatively modest Prometheus federation for monitoring multiple Kubernetes clusters. However, I’d caution you to be prepared to start looking at other solutions as your complexity and scale grows.

RabbitMQ Monitoring Tools

I don’t think I’ve installed RabbitMQ since working with Sensu, but it’s still a popular message broker behind the scenes. This post does a great job detailing the metrics and performance characteristics that matter for this software.

Sending Custom Metrics from Python to Prometheus

How to instrument your Python application for custom metrics and scraping.

Nginx Plus Monitoring and Tracing: Harnessing the Power of OpenTelemetry

Speaking of OpenTelemetry, looks like NGINX has finally gotten on board and included a native module to support OTel in the latest version of NGINX Plus. Glad to see them adopting the new standard rather than reinventing the wheel. 😅

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Alerting is evolving. Signals is coming soon.

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Key Concepts on OpenTelemetry for Rust

Rust programmers deserve some OpenTelemetry love too, nice to see this overview of the recommended crates and documentation for getting observability added to your Rust applications.

Error Handling and Monitoring in AWS Lambda

A quick introduction to monitoring Lambda functions with Boto3, the AWS SDK for Python.

Bash Scripting — with alerting to Discord

A basic example for scripting your alert notifications to Discord. I suspect this will become more necessary as SFDC continues to alienate free communities on Slack. -_-

Grafana Tempo 2.3 release: faster trace queries, TraceQL upgrades

Grafana Tempo’s latest release brings updates to their vParquet backend and some new supported (and some experimental) structural operators.



netprobify is a tool to probe destinations using various protocols/methods


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I’m super excited to announce Monitorama is coming back for another year. The CFP will be opening soon, with a focus on production learnings and helping others. If you’ve never been to a Monitorama event, I encourage you to ask around… it’s a lot of fun with an emphasis on delivering a shared experience for all. Early Bird tickets are available now while they last!

See you next week!

– Jason (@obfuscurity) Monitoring Weekly Editor