I hope you love OpenTelemetry (who am I kidding, OTel is eating the world) because we’re chock full of production stories and guides this week. Enjoy! 🚢🤗📟

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From The Community

eBPF and OpenTelemetry Rule At KubeCon 2023 in Chicago: Observability Is King

I’ve talked with a bunch of folks who attended the recent KubeCon and the common thread is just how much Observability domainted the conversation there. eBPF and OpenTelemtry in particular are capturing much of the mindshare.

Migrating to OpenTelemetry

Another strong case for OpenTelemetry; not just for its technical capabilities and ability to avoid vendor lock-in, but also for reducing per-node vendor costs. Happy to see these stories are becoming more common every day.

Exploring the OpenTelemetry Collector

A creative example for leveraging some of the OTel Collector’s less obvious capabilities.

Top things to tackle if you want to introduce on-call to your teams

Something about this article really struck a chord with me. In particular, I appreciate that the author took some time to go beyond aspirational arguments and include some basic math to make their point.

Integrating Kiali and Grafana Tempo

If you’re using Istio, this combination of Kiali with Grafana Tempo could be useful.

Kubernetes — Monitoring worker service application with a sidecar container

A sidecar container pattern for non-HTTP applications.

Unleashing VM histograms for Ruby: Migrating from Prometheus to VictoriaMetrics with vm-client

As someone actively building with Rails (don’t at me), I’m genuinely excited to see a modern alternative to Prometheus for metrics collection. If you give this a try and hit any blockers, please ping me in our community Slack with details. 🙏

How we monitor our Make instance at FINN

A detailed look at Make Enterprise instance monitoring and alerts with Datadog.

Grafana Beyla 1.0 release: zero-code instrumentation for application telemetry using eBPF

Grafana Labs announced the general availability of Beyla version 1.0, their auto-instrumentation tool based on eBPF.



observability for the Istio service mesh

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