Plenty of open source monitoring coverage this week, particularly heavy in Grafana and Elastic representation. Enjoy! 🐧🍻🍩

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From The Community

A Glimpse into the Redesigned Goku-Ingestor vNext at Pinterest

Another excellent post from Pinterest engineers on the internals of their bespoke time-series system. I could mainline these all day.

Observability at Julius Baer

Some insights into how engineers at Julius Baer think about monitoring, data visualization, and system observability. Fairly high-level but still interesting to see how other companies prioritize various aspects of their overall observability strategy.

Understanding Kibana Roll-Up Jobs and Transforms: Choosing the Right Tool for Your Data Aggregation

If you’re an Elasticsearch / Kibana user and don’t know about roll-up jobs or transforms, this overview should help you determine if they’re something you should be using.

Grafana Loki: collecting AWS LoadBalancer logs from S3 with Promtail Lambda

A detailed guide for getting your AWS ELB logs from S3 into Grafana Loki.

☸️ Web Application on Kubernetes: A Tutorial to Observability with the Elastic Stack

A fairly comprehensive look at the components and capabilities of the integrated Elastic Stack. On a side note, I’m curious if any of our readers use this entire stack? I’ve definitely used most of their components piecemeal, but I don’t think I’ve worked anywhere that used all of them together.

How to Managed Grafana Dashboard in Multiple Environments — and find UID Harmony

A handy pattern for ensuring Grafana datasource consistency across environments.

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Observability Is About Confidence

I love the parallel drawn between the importance of observability and tests. Now if we could just get better at actually writing tests, we might be able to make a stronger argument for instrumentation too. 😏

Better Monitoring of Traces with Grafana Tempo

A pretty biased but still helpful look at Grafana Tempo and how it can help you work with traces.

There is an oom kill count in Linux!

Don’t worry George, you weren’t the only one who missed this. Nice catch.


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– Jason (@obfuscurity) Monitoring Weekly Editor