Some fun articles skewing towards the monitoring side of the observability spectrum, including a handful of Postgres articles and the first part of a documentary on Grafana. Enjoy! 🚲🍺📈

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A Deep Dive Into CPU Requests and Limits in Kubernetes

An excellent technical deep dive into Kubernetes behaviors around CPU requests, limits, and how its design abstractions affect the way we use it.

Monitoring PostgreSQL Statistics (Part 1)

Do you know which metrics to monitor for PostgreSQL activity, performance, and disk usage health? You do now.

The Essential Guide to Linux System Monitoring with Top, Htop, and Vmstat

Kids these days and their fancy orchestrators and ephemeral runtimes. Learn you some basic Linux debugging commands and the world is your oyster.

PgHero: Your Unwavering Ally in PostgreSQL Performance Optimization

PgHero was designed to help PostgreSQL admins and users surface performance concerns in their databases and indices. This post makes a strong case for adopting PgHero if you haven’t already.

Setting Up PgHero with Docker and Multi-Database Configuration

From the same author, this follow-up article is a quick guide for deploying PgHero with Docker and configuring it to monitor multiple Postgres databases.

Traces to metrics: Perform ad hoc queries in Grafana Tempo with ‘Aggregate by’

An introduction to Grafana Tempo’s dynamic “Aggregate by” feature. Pretty interesting stuff.

Exploring Advanced Logging Controls for AWS Lambda

How to level up your logging capabilities for Lambda with a little sprinkle of AWS Powertools. Honestly, I had no idea the default Lambda logging was so limited, but it’s good to see there are tools available to help enforce best practices.

The Story of Grafana - Episode 1: Democratize Metrics

The first episode of a series looking at the history of everyone’s favorite open source dashboarding tool.



A performance dashboard for Postgres


A developer toolkit to implement Serverless best practices and increase developer velocity.


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