We made it through another eventful year! This week was pretty heavy on OpenTelemetry coverage, along with a fascinating deep-dive into the performance impact of Uber’s load-shedding middleware. Happy Holidays and see you next week for our look back at the last few months! 🎄🎁📈

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From The Community

Cinnamon Auto-Tuner: Adaptive Concurrency in the Wild

Frankly, I wanted to include this post from Uber Engineering mostly for the absolutely gorgeous visualizations. There’s also some pretty interesting talk about their load shedding architecture works and demonstrations of its efficacy.

Observability, and the quest to explain it to other people

We don’t really need to redefine monitoring and observability (again), but this author makes an argument for revising how we explain it to others.

Java monitoring: Exploring Cryostat 2.4 features on OpenShift

If you’re a Java developer or JVM application operator, chances are you’re already familiar with Cryostat and this post will get you up to speed on their latest release build for OpenShift. If you’re like me, you actively avoid JVM and just learned of a pretty interesting project for monitoring Java apps in containerized environments. 😊

Monitoring made simple, with Thanos and OpenTelemetry

This post is a pretty shallow look at OpenTelemetry, Prometheus and Thanos, but it does a decent job name-dropping enough terms and tools to help you formulate the right questions to get you started on your journey.

Automatic Instrumentation of a Python Flask application using Opentelemetry with Jaeger

A quick guide for adding observability to your Python web apps using OTel auto-instrumentation. Note that the author’s examples at the end use Jaeger, but it seems to assume you already have that installed.

OpenTelemetry best practices: A user’s guide to getting started with OpenTelemetry

Another sort-of-all-over-the-place but still useful look at OpenTelemetry, this time with an obvious bias towards Grafana tooling.

Contextual logging in Kubernetes 1.29: Better troubleshooting and enhanced logging

The contextual logging feature introduced in Kubernetes v1.24 has been added to kube-scheduler and kube-controller-manager. This post offers some background on the feature along with a brief overview on how to enable it and any performance impacts you might suffer.

Incident Management: Assessing Long-Term Impact and Success

I love any discussion of incident management that focuses on the customer and business impact.



A container-native JVM application which acts as a bridge to other containerized JVMs and exposes a secure API for producing, analyzing, and retrieving JDK Flight Recorder data from your cloud workloads.


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