Plenty of OpenTelemetry goodness this week, along with fortune telling from Grafana and a super insightful look at design challenges in our tooling. Enjoy! 💡📟🌈

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The total cost of ownership of observing and monitoring your environment is impacted by a variety of factors. In this breakdown from EMA, learn 10 critical considerations that affect the overall cost of cloud native application and platform observability.

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From The Community

Understanding the Challenges of Color Blindness on the Web

A fascinating look at the problems faced by color-blind users who rely on monitoring tools designed with strong associations between colors and system states. Obviously these aren’t the only applications suffering from these types of design challenges, but I for one have certainly been guilty of this in the past.

How to customize DataDog Flame Graph

TIL you could customize your Datadog instrumentation to produce more detailed flame graphs. 🔥

What you need to know before creating your first OpenTelemetry pipeline for tracing

I love this story documenting the journey of considerations, planning, and lessons learned from adopting something as invasive as distributed tracing. Excellent post.

Observability trends and predictions for 2024

Probably some bias here, but still an interesting bit of prognostication from different folks at Grafana Labs.

Grafana 10.2.3 release: new features and breaking changes

Speaking of Grafana, the latest release includes a breaking change to the extract fields transformation. Make sure to communicate this to your internal teams who might be affected.

Building a Secure OpenTelemetry Collector

Most users probably won’t need to know how to do this, but if you’re curious about building your own custom OpenTelemetry collector images, the OCB has you covered.

The Challenges of “Observability”

A post that I both applaud for its sincerity and empathize strongly with based on my own frustrations with trends I’ve observed over the years. OTOH, the notion that #monitoringsucks is nothing new, and I’ve yet to hear of any company that went under because their observability tooling was flawed.

SRE Story with Iris Dyrmishi

SRE Stories is out with a fresh interview, this time from a Senior Observability Engineer with a passion for OpenTelemetry.

How to auto-instrument your applications

Auto-instrumentation is all the rage these days and the Elastic Stack isn’t about to be left behind.


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