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The Scary Thing About Automating Deploys

How do you monitor for regressions in your automated deployments? Subtle changes in behavior can be hard to spot with the naked eye. Slack engineers share their strategy for anomaly detection and the metrics they use to gain confidence in the system.

How to build an alerting system with Prometheus and Alertmanager

A solid guide for hooking up Alertmanager with your Prometheus cluster, including an example for routing alerts to your Slack workspace.

Unleashing the Power of Monitoring: A Comprehensive Guide to Nagios

Hard to believe that Nagios is still alive, and that we found someone willing to advocate for it in 2024. Still, kind of a fun read comparing something 25 years old to current monitoring tools.

How I’m Getting Free Synthetic Monitoring

If you’re looking for a free Pingdom alternative, this new open source synthetic monitoring tool might be a good fit. The example uses a commercial hosting service for Rust web apps, but you could presumably host this anywhere.

The Story of Grafana - Episode 3: Open (Source) for Business

The latest episode in the documentary on the history of Grafana. Interesting to hear how they managed to stay focused on open source and resist the early draw towards overt commercialization.

We migrated to Grafana’s LGTM stack

One company’s approach to observability, using all Grafana Labs open source software. I wish they’d have gone into more detail for each component, but they did provide a bit of context around their respective needs.

To enable SYSLogs TLS end-to-end encryption

If you have any publicly exposed services, chances are good you have a requirement for secure logging and/or metrics transit. This post offers a concise walkthrough setting up TLS for syslog.

Best Practices for CI/CD Monitoring

A more canned approach at CI/CD monitoring, from our friends at Datadog. Still a comprehensive read about what to keep an eye on in your deployment pipeline.

Configure JWT Authentication with Grafana

I haven’t personally encountered this sort of authentication setup in practice, but it looks like a clever approach if you have a use case that fits.



Prodzilla is a modern synthetic monitoring tool built in Rust. It’s focused on surfacing whether existing behaviour in production is as expected in a human-readable format, so that stakeholders, or even customers, can contribute to system verification.


Monitorama PDX 2024 - Call for Participation

Monitorama PDX 2024 takes place June 10-12 in Portland, OR. The CFP closes February 4… make sure to get your proposal submitted before the deadline!

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