I hope everyone has found their footing with 2024 and starting to find traction with their New Year observability projects. It doesn’t look like OpenTelemetry has lost any steam lately, and if this week’s newsletter is anything to go by, we can expect more of the same in the coming weeks and months. Enjoy! 🍩🧠🐧

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From The Community

Monitoring Reinvented: Prometheus and Thanos Evolutionary Tale

If you’re feeling the pain of Prometheus scaling or federation, you should definitely read this post. The author does an excellent job filling in the contextual gaps between the Prometheus and Thanos reference documentation.

How to build a centralized logging solution with Grafana Loki

I’m not sure which audience this article is written for (presumably, most folks who might read it already understand the benefits of centralized logging), but it’s still a solid introduction and basic guide to getting started with Grafana Loki.

The Story of Grafana - Episode 4: Evolution

The final video in the episodic documentary of Grafana’s history and evolution. Honestly, it’s been a really good open source success story and I’m thrilled to see them continue to fluorish.

Prerequisites for building an efficient observability system

An overview of the primary organizational (people, policy, etc) and technical (tools) considerations needed for an effective observability culture (my words, not theirs). Share with that executive who’s been pushing back on your asks for {more custom metrics, another observability engineer, etc}.

OpenTelemetry and Lambda

Lessons learned from using OpenTelemetry with Lambda and Rust for building observable systems, from the POV of an application engineer.

Effective Trace Instrumentation with Semantic Conventions

Fortunately, adopting OpenTelemetry is pretty straightforward. OTOH, instrumenting in a way that’s consistent and leads to successful outcomes can be a very different story. This post does a good job covering some of the more effective conventions.

Writing an Excellent Postmortem

Writing quality postmortems is such an underappreciated skill. Although I wish this post included more examples, it touches on some important aspects and should be considered a jumping-off point to investigating further.

How to conduct a postmortem review meeting

As someone who participates in regular postmortems (we call them “learning reviews”), the points in this article resonate with me. Ironically, the best way to get better at postmortem reviews is to have more of them.

Analyze and debug Quarkus based AWS Lambda functions with X-Ray

I don’t personally know anyone who uses Quarkus (to be fair, I don’t use Java), but if you do this looks like an easy way to get traces out of your Lambda functions.


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