This week is super heavy on Grafana, OpenTelemetry, and eBPF stories. No complaints, these are super relevant to my work right now. Enjoy! 🌞🌳🌠

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From The Community

Improving Efficiency Of Goku Time Series Database at Pinterest

Lessons learned from running Pinterest’s in-house TSDB. If you’ve ever been responsible for managing time-series at scale (or plan to), you’ll appreciate this one. Excellent post.

Terraform Strategies for Grafana

How one company manages their global Grafana footprint, keeping all of their dashboards and alerts in sync.

eBPF Documentary

While the eBPF video documentary was released late last year, Brendan Gregg took the opportunity to add a little extra context to the story. Always great to see him post anything on his blog.

Monitoring Clickhouse Server through SkyWalking

A post from the SkyWalking project detailing their latest addition, a monitoring dashboard for ClickHouse.

An OpenTelemetry backend in a Docker image: Introducing grafana/otel-lgtm

If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t experienced OpenTelemetry first-hand, Grafana Labs has released a Docker image with open source components (OTel Collector, Prometheus, Loki, Tempo, and Grafana). Looks like a great way to dip your toe before deciding on your production OpenTelemetry components.

Apache Traffic Control - Migrating Grafana scripted CDN metrics dashboards to Scenes: a seamless transition

Grafana Scenes was announced six months ago, but this is the first third-party example I’ve seen in the wild. Anyone running ATC with this new view is “guaranteed” (my quotes, not theirs) compatibility with future Grafana updates.

k8spacket - fully based on eBPF right now

A review of the k8sproject, recently updated to leverage eBPF (previously used gopacket), for visualizing traffic in your Kubernetes cluster.

Distributed Tracing with Grafana Tempo

A solid primer on the capabilities and use of Grafana Tempo for tracing.



bundles Grafana’s open source stack for OpenTelemetry monitoring in a single Docker image


packets traffic visualization for kubernetes


Monitorama PDX 2024 - Agenda is Live!

Monitorama organizers released the upcoming speakers list and agenda for this year’s upcoming PDX 2024. Exciting to see so many unique topics, I can feel the FOMO rising already. 😅

Monitoring Weekly readers can save $100 off General Admission tickets with the MWEEKLY2024 discount code. Hope to see you there!

See you next week!

– Jason (@obfuscurity) Monitoring Weekly Editor