A really fun week of articles, with an emphasis on performance and regression testing, OpenTelemetry, and Golang observability. Great stuff all around. Enjoy! 🚢🍿🚦

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From The Community

Sequential A/B Testing Keeps the World Streaming Netflix Part 2: Counting Processes

Netflix engineers respond to some community questions with inspired examples for monitoring regressions with logs, metrics, and A/B testing (and statistics, of course).

The Return of the Frame Pointers

Fascinating post from Brendan Gregg with a detailed history on frame pointers, news of a recent profiling fix, and a look forward at evolving technologies in the space. Amazing stuff!

Performance Regression in a React App: Investigation and Remediation Strategies

An excellent look at how to monitor frontend performance, with an emphasis on the very popular React library and components. I think a lot of folks “doing observability” for their teams are focused on infra and generally fine with outsourcing this stuff to vendors; it’s super helpful to have someone in-house who understands the needs of frontend developers and can support them when needed.

AWS & OpenTelemetry: SQS context propagation

Anyone who works with async message systems knows they can be a hassle to observe with typical tracing approaches. This post walks through some of the challenges and demonstrates how to maintain context effectively using OpenTelemetry.

Grafana Loki: Optimising log based metrics

Tips for squeezing more performance out of your more intensive Grafana Loki queries.

Memory leaks in Go

Stands to reason that an article on Go memory leaks was written by an SRE who probably has to support Go applications. As someone who manages a team of Go devs, I’m definitely going to bookmark this one for new hires.

OpenTelemetry: Observing and Monitoring Applications

A very thorough yet approachable guide for anyone curious about OpenTelemetry, from the perspective of a Go programmer.

How observability in software has empowered engineers at RHE

How one company thinks about observability tooling and process, and what they’re looking to do next.

Don’t Run Blind, Check Under the Hood

A painful story with a happy ending. Still, would be nice to share a postmortem about why they were “flying blind” in the first place and lessons learned throughout.


Monitorama PDX 2024 - Agenda is Live!

Monitorama organizers released the upcoming speakers list and agenda for this year’s upcoming PDX 2024. Exciting to see so many unique topics, I can feel the FOMO rising already. 😅

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