A fun, diverse collection of topics this week – from eBPF network observability to batch job monitoring and more. UwU, enjoy! 😻🚢🎁

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We all know that monitoring single-page applications is inherently a bit tricky. But front-end performance monitoring is non-negotiable, with SPAs often prone to performance issues due to heavy reliance on client-side rendering. This guide explains how and why to get real-time diagnostics on JavaScript errors and API responsiveness for SPA stability and performance.

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From The Community

Hubble - Observability with Cilium CNI

Built on top of Cilium (and by extension, eBPF), the Hubble project offers network observability and service discovery features. This community blog post covers an overview of the project, running it across different OSes, and some of the features native to the native UI and CLI interfaces.

Java Application Tracing: Quick Setup in K8S with OpenTelemetry and Jaeger in Under 15 Minutes

A quick setup guide to distributed tracing for Java application developers using OpenTelemetry and Jaegar.

Kubernetes v1.30: Uwubernetes

You could feel collective cringe throughout the tech community (jk, I thought it was mildly amusing) as the Kubernetes release team announced their latest release theme. Hidden in their announcement were some relevant updates regarding pod scheduling readiness, NodeLogQuery, and contextual logging.

Engineering Observability for Big Data Batch Jobs

How do you monitor async batch jobs with a high degree of variance? You instrument them for observability instead, duh! Kidding aside, this is an excellent dive into a difficult problem space.

Instrument your app using the Datadog Operator and Admission Controller

A look at Datadog’s mutating Admission Controller, why it matters, and how it can make your Kubernetes monitoring efforts a little easier.

Visibility and Profiling in Django (Python3)

A collection of libraries, middlewares, and tools for profiling Python and Django applications.

Loki 3.0 release

Hard to believe it’s already been five years since Loki’s original announcement, but here we are celebrating Loki’s third major release. I think the biggest improvement is probably native OpenTelemetry support (Bloom filters are nice, but imho an implementation detail that users shouldn’t have to care about).

A guide to scaling Grafana Alloy deployments across multiple hosts

How to manage Grafana’s new Alloy distribution across multiple hosts using Ansible. I’m not sure this qualifies as “scaling” but it’s a useful, brief how-to for anyone considering wider adoption.

Monitoring MySQL with Prometheus and Grafana in Docker

A quick how-to for setting up Prometheus and Grafana to monitor your MySQL or MariaDB databases.



Hubble is a fully distributed networking and security observability platform for cloud native workloads.


Monitorama PDX 2024 - Coming Soon!

Monitorama organizers released the upcoming speakers list and agenda for this year’s upcoming PDX 2024. Exciting to see so many unique topics, I can feel the FOMO rising already. 😅

Monitoring Weekly readers can save $100 off General Admission tickets with the MWEEKLY2024 discount code. Hope to see you there!

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– Jason (@obfuscurity) Monitoring Weekly Editor