This week brings us a lot of variety, from structured logging to systems design and plenty more. If you use the OpenTelemetry Operator, make sure to check out Adrian Villela’s Q&A post, super interesting. Enjoy! 😍☕🏂

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From The Community

The Need for Structured Logging: Introducing the Hiver Python Logging Package

An exploration of Hiver’s need for a custom logging library to support their developers while addressing many of the shortcomings of traditional logging libraries and formats.

A Deep Dive into OpenTelemetry: Running the OpenTelemetry Demo

A detailed but predictable walk through the OpenTelemetry Demo, with some AWS-centric bits thrown in for good measure.

OTel Operator Q&A

This post from Adriana Villela answers questions about the OTel Operator that I never knew I had, but now I want to learn even more. 👏

Incident management in sports e-commerce

Unlike most Incident Management stories focused on process or philosophy, this post from Decathlon dives into their specific tooling and how they’ve iterated on them en route to improved incident responses.

The loser tree data structure: How to optimize merges and make your programs run faster

A look under the covers at one specific data structure used in some of your favorite observability projects.

You get what you Measure: Understanding your applications health with Grafana, Loki and Prometheus

If you’re reading this there’s a good chance you already have an opinionated monitoring stack. For everyone else, this post is a super concise guide through some of the more popular choices in a modern stack (minus OTel, a curious oversight).

Yokai - a simple, modular and observable Go framework for backend applications

Introducing a new Golang framework with observability as a core principle.

How to create a link between two spans in OpenTelemetry

A quick example for using OpenTelemetry span links with some additional context around Datadog supporting it as a beta feature.

Monitoring ActiveMQ through SkyWalking

Pretty much everything you’ll need to know to monitor ActiveMQ, through the lens of Apache SkyWalking’s tooling and dashboards.


Simple, modular, and observable Go framework for backend applications.


Monitorama PDX 2024 - Coming Soon!

Monitorama organizers released the upcoming speakers list and agenda for this year’s upcoming PDX 2024. Exciting to see so many unique topics, I can feel the FOMO rising already. 😅

Monitoring Weekly readers can save $100 off General Admission tickets with the MWEEKLY2024 discount code. Hope to see you there!

See you next week!

– Jason (@obfuscurity) Monitoring Weekly Editor