Compiling this week’s issue a few days early in preparation for flying out to Portland for this year’s Monitorama. Fortunately we still have some bangers for your enjoyment. From logging to OpenTelemetry to home networking, we have a little bit for everyone. Enjoy! 🤟☮🍩

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From The Community

Adopting OpenTelemetry for our logging pipeline

Cloudflare engineers have a history of sharing their monitoring architectures and challenges. This marks another great entry in their series of behind-the-scenes posts, this time focusing on OpenTelemetry log collection. If this interests you, take note of the job posting further down in this issue.

Remote power monitoring

Any other setting and this would be just another friendly guide for monitoring your home systems with open source software. Under the fog of war you quickly appreciate the impact of even a small project like this one.

Synthetic Testing: The Art of Faux Testing

This article attempts to dispel competing definitions of synthetic monitoring (testing) and actually does a sensible job. Plenty more to cover but they also include references at the bottom for deep diving at your leisure.

Which Log Level?

Awesome post explaining the intended severity for each log level, but more importantly, the expectations around time to response or action.

Mitigation means never having to say we missed the SLA

An important reminder that stemming the tide is often just as important as fixing the actual problem (at least to your customers).

Using Grafana Alloy to monitor pfSense

Still trying to wrap my head around someone using pfSense in AWS, but I’m planning to try this on my Protectli home router the moment I get home from Monitorama. Looks like a solid guide for grabbing network traffic data (SNMP) and logs out of pfSense with Grafana Alloy.

Observability — Distributed Request Tracing with OpenTelemetry

A unique article that effectively captures the author’s journey to understanding distributed tracing, consuming various sources and patiently building up their knowledge base within the observability domain. I’d posit they wrote the post in such a way that it effectively parallels their own learning process.

Metrics for Monitoring AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF)

A couple of information-dense posts from Datadog on how to effectively monitor AWS WAF.

Job Opportunities

Systems Engineer - Logging at Cloudflare (US Remote)

See you next week!

– Jason (@obfuscurity) Monitoring Weekly Editor